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Sunday, September 30, 2012

O'Haras Pub, Orange CA

O'Haras Pub
150 North Glassell Street
Orange, CA
 (714) 532-9264
  • Price Per Domestic Pitcher: Unknown
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good For Groups:  No
  • Music:  Internet Jukebox
  • Best Nights: Thu,Fri, Sat
  • Has TV: Yes
  • Smoking: Outside, No drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: Yes
The Bar: Crowded. 15 or so seats on the bar, with a few booths against the wall making it difficult to navigate through when it's busy. Lot's of d├ęcor. Football is loved here. If you already have your drinks, hanging toward the back is a better choice, much more open. 
The Crowd: Mostly young adults from the local Chapman University. Overall friendly environment.
Service: We're guessing, slow, if this is your first time here. We were served almost immediately upon entering, but we are also local to this establishment.
Prices: $3.75 bottle domestic. No PBR.
Entertainment: 3 pool tables, bar top video game, internet jukebox.
Restroom: Nasty. Definitely a dive bar!
Bartender: Crazy red headed dude named Kendall, he puts all the Irish in this bar.
Closing statement: Originally, we were headed to The Salty Dog, which is apparently closed on Saturday night. Since we've never wrote an official review on O'Hara's, so the night worked out just fine.

We rate O'Hara's a 5 out of 5.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Deva's Cocktails, Tustin,CA

672 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA

  • Price Per Domestic Pitcher: $9
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good For Groups:  Yes
  • Music:  Internet Jukebox
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • Has TV: Yes
  • Smoking: Outside, No drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: No
Our intention last night was to go out and celebrate Dave's birthday, with no intentions of covering a new dive...but plans change...and we're glad they did.

The Bar: Located in the southern most point of a strip mall. Tucked so far in the corner, that if you blink, you'll miss it. The large sign from the bar doesn't light up. Upon entering the bar, you'll noticed the incredibly hot poison pusher named Devin. The are of the bar top itself is very narrow and crowded. The bar sits about 15 people with a few scattered tables. Making your way through to the back is rough, but the patrons are friendly and will make way for you.
The Crowd: When we first arrived, it was mostly men, as we predicted being a bikini bar...but as the night progressed it became quite the party. Everyone was friendly and eager to have their pictures taken for our site.
Service: Took a minute to get drinks, but there was only one bartender when we arrived and it was quite busy. Try Devin's Pineapple Upside Down Cake shot. It's amazing.
Prices: Cheap. $9 domestic pitchers and $4 well shots.
Entertainment: 2 pool tables in the back, darts, bartop video game, 12 or so TV's, Internet Jukebox and free Wi-Fi if you asked nicely.
Restroom: Incredibly clean. We'd be honored to sit upon the throne.
Bartender: Our booze slinger for the night was Devin. Incredibly gorgeous and very friendly. She greeted us with a smile and recognized us from drinking there all the way back in February.
Closing statement: Overall, great time. Our plan was just to stop in for a bit, grab some pictures and head out, but we ended up staying for the remainder or the night. This is a great spot and we plan on a return visit in the near future.

We rate Deva's a 5 out of 5. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tustin Inn, Tustin, CA

 Tustin Inn
440 E 1st Street
(714)731-3446 ‎
  • Price Per Domestic Pitcher: $8.50
  • Credit/Debit: No (Cash Only)
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good For Groups:  No
  • Music:  Internet Jukebox
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • Has TV: Yes
  • Smoking: Outside, No drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: Yes

The Bar: Small. Comfortable. Nice place. Upon entering,  you have to walk through saloon style doors, and if someone is following , you are sure to smack them with the spring loaded door. Once inside, you will immediately notice the bartender and the multiple dead animal heads on the wall. Bar seats about 20 with one other table tucked in the corner.
The Crowd: All regulars. Hesitant to be photographed. Some were friendly, most were not.
Service: Prompt. The bartender for the evening was Jill. Very attentive and was on the ball when it came to specific drinks with specific ingredients.
Prices: Fair. $8.50 domestic pitcher. $3 bottle domestic. $4.50 shots.
Entertainment: Internet Juke Box, 2 pool tables, a bar top video game, shuffle board and darts. Cigarette machine ($6 a pack). Breathalyzer machine.
Restroom: Clean.
Closing statement: Had a great time. Celebrated a friends birthday too. Planned to hit the bar right next door but after 5 shots of Jameson, the 20 foot walk was too far.

 We rate Tustin Inn a 3 out of 5.