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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ed's Stumble Inn, Fountain Valley, CA

8896 Warner Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA
(714) 841-6245 ‎
  • Price per domestic pitcher: $10.50
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good for groups: Yes
  • Music: Internet Jukebox
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • TV's: 3?
  • Smoking: Outside/No Drinks
  • Alcohol: Beer & Wine Only
  • ATM: Yes
The Bar: Located in the southwest corner of a shopping center on Warner Ave. & Magnolia Ave. It is way back there so look hard for it. The sign for the bar is merely a banner attached to the roof. There is a neon sign that says "open" that you can see from anywhere in the parking lot. On the outside, there are a lot of pictures and newspaper clipping from the prohibition era. There is a TV outside, so that you can keep an eye on the game while you have a smoke. Inside, to the left are 6 electronic dart boards, to the right, a boxing game, which personally, i think it's a bad idea amongst drunk people, but whatever. Straight ahead, you'll find 2 pool tables, along with the bar.
The Crowd: Crowd was good tonight. Not terribly busy, which made it easy to maneuver around the inside. Most everyone was focused on a game or some sort, either darts or pool.
Service: Our beer-tender this evening was Dee. Service was excellent, and she was open to questions about the bar.
Prices: $10.75 domestic pitchers, $8.75 during happy hour. Import pitchers run you anywhere from $11.75-$17.75, which seems a little ridiculous. $3.75 Coors Light bottles, and even though this a beer & wine only bar, they do have (low percentage) $1 Jello shots.
Entertainment: Touch Tunes jukebox, 6 electronic dart boards, 2 pool tables, 1 boxing game, 1 golf game.
Restroom: Mens, Less then fabulous, Womens, was told, it was clean, was also told that I must mention there is a full length mirror inside.
Bartender Chat: Dee was cool, we chatted for a minute about prices, ect.
Closing statement: Not my first time in, certainly not my last. Had a good time, with good people. Plan to be back on April 6th, 2013 for the Stumble Inn Poker Run. Check out there Facebook page here Ed's Stumble Inn
 We rate Ed's a 4 out of 5.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Clubhouse Grille & Spirits, Placentia CA

2053 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Placentia, CA

  • Price per domestic pitcher: $8.50
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good for groups: Yes
  • Music: Internet Jukebox/Live
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • TV's: 14
  • Smoking: Outside/No Drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: Yes

I apologize in advance to all the grammar Nazi's, as I am still completely wrecked from last night.

The Bar: I was invited down here by a couple of Facebook fans. I have been to this spot a few times. but have never officially review it. Located in the northwest corner of a shopping center on Orangethorpe and Lakeview. The bar is large. Seating for about 15 at the bar, tables to the left with a stage for live music, and a couple of pool tables. There is a kitchen with some of the best Fish & Chips I've ever had. Behind the kitchen there is a huge dinning room in case you want to sit down and have dinner.
The Crowd: Intimidating at first. When I first arrived, there were two insanely drunk guys out front, which almost deterred me from walking past them. As for the rest of the crowd, just a bunch of locals hanging, all nice people having a good time.
Service: The bar top was pretty full when I walked in, but I was noticed immediately and service was quick.
Prices: $4.75 for excellent Bloody Mary's. $4 shots of  Fireball. Monday through Thursday, domestic pitchers will run you $9.50, Friday & Saturday $11.50, and Sunday $8.50. Happy Hour all day on Sundays for domestic beer and well drinks.
Entertainment: 14 TV's playing pretty much every sport. 2 pool table (75 cents). 1 arcade bowling game, 2 touch screen games. Electronic dart board. Internet Touch Tunes Juke Box.
Restroom: Decent if you can bear the smell.
Bartender: Bartender this evening was Kandis. She also works at Lucky John's #4 and makes an amazing Bloody Mary.
Closing statement: This used to be a rowdy place with the wrong crowd, but it's better now. You can tell that the owner and the staff take pride in their business.  I have been here before and will definitely be back in the future  I recommend you check it out too.

We rate Clubhouse a 3 out of 5.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lucky John's #4, Fullerton CA

Lucky John's
1310 S Euclid Street
Fullerton, CA
(714) 870-6191

  • Price per domestic pitcher: $10
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Private Lot
  • Good for groups: Yes
  • Music: Internet Jukebox/DJ
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • TV's:  6
  • Smoking: Indoor Lounge
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: Yes
The Bar: This bar and I go way back. This was my old stomping ground back in the day. Located on Euclid, a stand alone building not attached to a strip mall, which is unusual for the type of bars I've been to lately. They calls this #4, but there are only 2. This place has had a face-lift since the last time I was here. The outside looks brand new. The inside, still the same with a few new improvement, including and indoor smoking lounge, which is a nice touch.
The Crowd: Mixed. College, retired, a few bikers...all seemed like good people having a great time.
Service: Outstanding. All 3 poison pusher were very attentive to the patrons.
Prices: $3.50 pints of PBR, $10 pitchers of domestic, $14 for premium, $10 large pizza.
Entertainment: 3 pool tables ($0.75), 4 electronic dart boards, 6 TV's. Tonight, there was a DJ... I skipped out before having to hear that noise.
Restroom: Less than fabulous, nothing too horrible, but no where to spend any more time than you have to. Typical dive bar crap hole with the classic dive bar condom machine.
Bartenders: Heather, Sam and Tatum.
Closing statement: Still a great bar. Looking forward to a return trip in the future.

We rate Lucky John's #4 a 4 out of 5.