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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paul's Cocktails, Orange CA

Pauls Cocktails 
207 West Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA
(714) 639-2480

  • Price Per Domestic Pitcher: $8
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good For Groups:  Yes
  • Music: Internet Jukebox
  • Best Nights: Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Has TV: Yes
  • Smoking: Patio with drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar/Reserve Bar
  • ATM: Yes

This is the bar that founded our idea of DiveBar Culture. We've been hanging around this dive for many years and we love it. Still our favorite to date.
Pros: Opens at 6am. Free pool on Monday nights. A pretty decent crowd every day of the week. You are almost guaranteed to run into someone you know each night if you're a regular.
Cons: Lots of cops patrolling the area and parking lots. If you plan on drinking here, plan on taking a cab home. It's not worth the risk. Both Rick & Dave have been awarded the official D.U.I. certificate from OPD leaving this bar.
The Bar: A large bar that wraps around the establishment. However, if it's a slow night, there is only one bartender, if you are sitting in the back, you may not get noticed right away.Wood floors and carpeted area with pool tables. Large smoking patio with plenty of seating and tables. Lots of decor on the walls along with the occasional racks from dead animals.
The Crowd: Sunday through Wednesday you will catch the neighborhood locals hanging out. Thursday through Saturday is mostly packed with college kids with Thursday being the busiest when school is in session.
Service: Depending on the crowd, this can be a super quick process or a super long process. If the main bar is slammed, most of the time there is a reserve bar in the rear which can be accessed from the patio or pool table area. It seems that a local will be served faster than a newbie, but this is not always the case. It pretty much depends on who is slinging the booze that night.
Prices: More than fair. Domestic pitchers are $8.00 and Imports $11-13. Well shots will run you about $4.50.
Entertainment: Several TV's around the inside of the bar, near the pool tables and outside on the patio. There is also and internet jukebox, but if you don't play your songs soon, you will never hear them.
Restroom: Has it's fair share graffiti and scratches on the mirror. The trash tends to overflow quickly and is not cleaned up the entire night because of the over-whelming amount of patrons.
Bartender: Bartenders here are great. No complaints about any of them . If you come here often, they all know your name and what you drink. Sometimes they will see you comin and have your drink waiting for you on the bar when you walk in.
How far did $20 get us: We tend to stick to pitchers of PBR. 2 pitchers with a tip and you're tapped out.
Closing statement: We highly recommend this bar. It always makes for a good time regardless of the time of day.
We rate Paul's Cocktails a 5 out of 5.


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