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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flite Room, Lakewood, CA

4111 Lakewood Blvd
Lakewood, CA
(562) 425-5559

  • Price per domestic pitcher: N/A
  • Credit/Debit: No (Cash Only)
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good for groups: Yes
  • Music: Internet Jukebox/
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • TV's: 6
  • Smoking: Outside/No Drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: Yes
The Bar: Don't try to Google the location of this bar. The address it gives you, is not correct and will lead you to a residence. Use 4111 Lakewood Blvd. Lakewood CA, there you will find this tiny hole in the wall with only a small lit up sign on the Lakewood Blvd. side of the building. The first thing we noticed walking into this bar, was the sign on the roof designating the "happy hour" hours, which seem to be an all day event.
     Called the Flite Room, because it's near the airport? I guess. Perhaps a little airplane decor would be fitting, maybe a propeller on the sign? Nah, just a name. We came to this bar tonight because it was the only one nearby doing Karaoke on a Sunday night. Conveniently, it was only us who thought this was a good idea and were able to walk in, grab a beer, and sing a song, all within 5 minutes of being there.
     Inside, to the right of the main entrance, you will find a booth and a pool table tucked in the back corner; to the left, you will find another pool table, and an area for the Karaoke; straight ahead is the bar, with about 10 bar stools, one which was taken by a guy who could hardly hold his balance. To the right of the bar, the ATM machine, in a small broom closet room, with quite the extensive library for all your drunken reading needs.
The Crowd: All locals. There was some chatter about "DiveBar Culture" in the bar. We couldn't tell if they were interested in the idea, or mocking it, not that it matters. A couple of ladies sitting at the end of the bar, who were bartenders at some of the surrounding bars, commented, "you guys have no idea what a dive bar is." I beg to differ. Look around ladies, this is an ultimate dive. I proceeded to talk about some of the other dives we've been to in the area, including the Annex (also in the top 10 of diviest bars) where, we learned later, one of these girls was a bartender. Trust us, we know our dives. On a scale from 1-10, I give this crowd a 3 on friendliness.
Service: 1st round was quick, but the second and third rounds, slow to say the least. Not many people in the bar, but the bartender would converse in a long conversations with locals while non-local customers waited anxiously for drinks.
Prices: $3.25 16oz Coors Light, $2 Jello Shots, $4 shots of Fireball.
Entertainment: 2 pool tables, 1 dart board, internet jukebox, a library full of books, Karaoke on Saturday and Sunday nights, Golden Tee Golf, Silver Strike Bowling, 2 touchscreen games on the bar.
Restroom: Surprisingly fabulous. Very clean. Patrons here, actually know how to aim. 
Bartender: Pam. The patrons ranted and raved about her and how awesome she is. I didn't see what the big deal was, besides the heavy pour, nothing really to report. Perhaps, since we were new, we got the cold shoulder in the beginning.
Closing statement: My first encounter with this bar back in March was shitty to say the least, and I let Yelp know all about it. I told myself I'd never come back here, however, this was the closest spot for Karaoke on a Sunday, so we thought we'd give it a second chance. Was not terribly disappointed this time. Service was still a bit slow, but we tend to encounter this a lot being the new faces in the bar.

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  1. No pics of the dart board - I play real darts with 22 gram Tungsten - Electronic darts are for sissies and brokeasses