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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Torch Room Lounge, Norwalk, CA

10632 Imperial Highway
Norwalk, CA ‎
(562) 864-6558

  • Price per domestic pitcher: $8.00
  • Credit/Debit: Yes
  • Parking: Public Lot
  • Good for groups: Yes
  • Music: TouchTunes
  • Best Nights: Fri, Sat
  • TV's: 5
  • Smoking: Outside/No Drinks
  • Alcohol: Full Bar
  • ATM: Yes
The Bar: The outside: Located in a ghetto strip mall on the corner of Imperial Hwy and Domart Ave. A tall sign on the building representing a torch which appears to be 100 years old. Tucked between a liquor store and a laundromat lies this little dive. A brick wall, covered in filth and a door leading into the unknown.
    The inside, dark. A long bar to the left leading back to the pool tables and some tables to the right, which are a bit wobbly, careful you don't spill your beer. The floors seem to have had the carpet removed and never replaced. Glue build up where carpet once was, watch your step in some places.
The Crowd: Local retirees. We were in quite early compared to most of our other reviews (around 3pm). Had a lot of eyes on us since we were new faces, but no problems.
Prices: $8 domestic pitchers, $13.50 import. $2.50 domestic bottles, $3.50 import. $3.75 tall boys of PBR, $5 Fireball shots, and $4 delicious Bloody Mary's.
Entertainment: 2 pool tables, 1 dartboard, TouchTunes Jukebox, 5 TV's where Bob and I learned how to make moonshine on the History channel.
Restroom: Amazing. Is amazing the right word to describe a toilet? Sure, why not. Compared to the appearance outside, "the Virgin Mary would be proud to go in there and take a dump." - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
Bartender: Our favorite Booties bartender, Barbara. Absolutely stunning. Even if you don't plan on drinking, at least stop in and say Hi.
Closing statement: We'd like to come back and check this place out again, perhaps at night when there is more of a lively crowd. Not a bad spot at all. Great little dive, that serves a delicious Bloody Mary.

We give Torch Room a 4 out of 5.

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